The County of Erie has determined that, in the best interests of the taxpayers of Erie County, it is prudent to implement cyclic reassessments in order to maintain property values at current (full market) value. The Assessment Office has been working in-house to perform a county wide reassessment in order to accomplish this task. The last reassessment was put in place in 2003. The notices you will receive will be an estimate of the currently market value of your property and the new assessment will be effective for the 2013 tax year.

The county appraisals might in fact be accurate, but they are performed in mass. Mass appraisals do not take into account unique characteristics of individual properties. Mass appraisals evaluate entire subdivisions and neighborhoods, therefore allowing the county assessments mass appraisal to determine your taxable amount. This may cost you, if you aren’t proactive.

At Agresti Real Estate we represent You by offering Complete Tax Evaluation Service for Your Residential Property:

How it Works:

Assessed Value Review $100.00

For a $100.00 flat fee we will review the impact statement from the mass appraisal company for most single-family homes and convey it’s accuracy to you the homeowner. We will require some basic information about your property to compare with what was collected by the data collector for the Mass Appraisal Company. We will then inform you if your assessment appears accurate. If you have a unique or upper price range home that may require additional work, this Assessed Value Review Fee can increase.

Limited Drive-By Appraisal of Your Property $275.00, for most properties

We will complete a Drive-by Appraisal of your property and collect pertinent information about your home. We will then research comparable homes in the market area, then drive-by these homes also to help determine the value of your home. We will complete the appraisal and arrive at a value. We will then provide you with a professional report with photos and a value of your home. You can then take this appraisal with you to your scheduled interview. In most cases this appraisal will provide more than enough information to the mass appraisal company to prove the value of your home. These reports can be completed within a couple days of ordering them.

Full Appraisal of Your Property $395.00 for most properties

If the Assessed Value Review or the Drive-by appraisal warrants further action, we will perform a full appraisal of your home for a flat fee, which you then can take with you to the review with the Mass Appraisal Company. If you have a unique or upper price range home that may require additional work, this Appraisal Fee can increase.

Call Today- (814) 459-9400 to order yourAssessed Value Review or Appraisal, remember you have only a limited time to take action.