Gift Guide for the Holidays

‘Tis the season for gift giving! Between friends, family, and everyone in between, picking a cute present can be hard. From staying safe to delivering the gift, we get how stressful it can get. However, we have your back! All these gifts can either be delivered right to their home or left on their doorstep, so no more worries on unnecessary contact. Check out our list of gift ideas that eliminate the risk for everyone on your nice list. 

1. Sugar Scrub This gift is good for any friends or family! A simple online or store-bought sugar scrub can go a long way. Just buy a cute premade jar online to eliminate the safety risk. They have custom-made scrubs for all types of skin, too. With the cold weather picking up, a scrub for dry skin could be a heaven-sent! Don’t overlook this simple and affordable gift.


2. Subscription Box Candy, makeup, and toys oh my! Subscription boxes are one of the best gifts anyone could ask for. If you have any moms or dads struggling this holiday season, buying a few months of a toy subscription box will help tremendously. Don’t worry, there’s also makeup, fitness, and outdoor boxes, too. With some subscriptions starting as low as $10 a month, you can’t go wrong with this one!

3. Bottle Stopper Garden Kit- Know someone who can appreciate a good bottle? They won’t get to drink this one! With this gift, the recipient can put all those empty bottles to use and grow their own garden. All you have to do is fill an empty bottle with water and watch your new leafy friend grow. A great pairing gift is a bottle for your pal to empty! This gift is perfect for coworkers who deserve a drink or two. 


4. Wooden Pens Set- Office work can be boring, so spice up someone’s life with a custom set of wooden pens! Not only do these pens look super cool, they also write amazingly. Add a personal touch and get their name inscribed into it if you’re feeling fancy, too! These pens can start around the $15 mark, but are so worth it. Paperwork has never been so fun!


5. Portable Chargers- Talk about convenience! Between possible power outages from snow storms and long hours on the road, portable chargers are almost a necessity. Erie isn’t always the most friendly city, so there’s a lot of possibilities that someone will need a boost of battery. Opt for one with a flashlight to add some flare, no pun intended!


6. Beard Balm/Wax- Know anyone with a burly beard that can use a good balm? This holiday season, beard products are THE way to go! They can hold the shape of their hair with the wax, or soften and moisturize the hair with the balm. With winter weather, your skin is bound to dry out, but don’t let the cold stop your friends’ glorious beards. 


7. Magnetic Wristband- Calling friends and family of handymen and women! This season, give the gift of never losing another screw again. With a magnetic wristband, it allows your favorite craftsperson to simply magnetically stick metal components to a bracelet. Now it’s easier to work in the garage or shed without the frustration of lost nails. Fashionable and convenient… okay maybe not the fashionable part!


8. Succulents- We all know someone that can’t keep a plant alive or be trusted with a pet. Well, here’s a plant that is hard to kill! Succulents require lots of light, but don’t need watered as often as most. Not only are they easy to care for, but also super cute. No one would be mad about adding a green friend to their windowsill!


9. No Touch Door Opener Tool- We can all use some extra safety this time of the year! These super neat door openers are perfect stocking stuffers for the coming year. Eliminate the risk of germs on handles by giving these tools to everyone. Tell your friends and family to hook these bad boys on their keys and they’re set!


10. Screen Cleansing Towelettes- Fingerprints on the screen are never cute, so opt to buy your friends some towelettes this year! Not only do they clean your screen of germs, but also are super easy to carry around. Whether it be for coworkers or even family, this will make everyone’s holidays cleaner and happier!


11. Coffee Mug Warmer- Know any coffee lovers? We have the perfect gift for them. Bring the joy of hot drinks all day long with this very practical, and cute, present. Starting at around $10, you can find so many different designs and colors, customized to whoever your special someone is. Coffee has never been so good, or hot! 


12. Cocktail Ice Cube Tray- Life is hard right now, so who wouldn’t love a few drinks? This year, give the gift of ice cold drinks! Cocktail cube trays allow your favorite drinker to have any shape ice cube they want to fit perfectly in their glass. Starting at $5, this gift can’t be beat!


13. Lash Lift Kit/Eyelash Perm Kit- Know anyone who loves to look sharp? This affordable lash and eyebrow kit will make their holiday 10x better! You can find these online Amazon, Walmart, or even Ulta Beauty. All you need is their address and boom- luscious lashes for all!


14. The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles- This book is perfect for anybody who is forced to use their genius mind! From marketing to writing, we all hit blocks, so save your special someone a breakdown. A used version is as low as $6, while the hardcovers are around $20. Help some friends out by buying them this amazing book!


15. Fleece Blankets- Whether they love or hate winter, a soft blanket is the way to go! These are an affordable and easy gift, perfect for someone who doesn’t want much. Go plaid and simple, or get a personalized throw to spice it up! This is the gift you can’t go wrong with!


After this great gift guide, you won’t be stuck last minute shopping this year! By eliminating the need for in-person interaction, these safe and easy options for your holidays are unmatched. From acquaintances to family, there’s a perfect gift for everyone! 

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