Scary Good DIY Halloween Decorations


It’s the best time of the year- Spooky Season! This year has been hard for us all, so we get it if your decoration budget is small. Don’t add Halloween to your list of finances because we got you! We’ve compiled the best, and most affordable, Halloween decorations that will bring the scary spirit back to your home!


Crime Scene

This will not only add some scream factor to your home, but also help you! Fall brings beautiful colors, and lots of leaves. So, instead of throwing them away, pack a few garbage bags full of them and voilà! To add a more realistic touch, take some string or tape to make the appearance of hands, legs, and a head. If you’re feeling extra spooky, you can always use some stakes and caution tape to really sell the crime scene. Talk about easy!


Scary Spiders

What screams Halloween more than spooky spiders? For this decoration, all you need is a few black balloons, wire hangers, and some black paint! Blow the balloons up to your desired spider size, then simply straighten the hangers to make the shape of legs! Paint them black and boom, straight out of a nightmare!


Bat Branches

Bushes and trees are a great tool to add some scare factor to your home, but who knew it was this easy? All you need is black ribbon and some white mini pom-poms! Tie the ribbon to a branch, glue on the pom-poms, and boom! Your trees are now bat-alicious for under 5 dollars!


Creepy Candles

With only three items, you can whip up these terrifying decorations! Pick up some white candles, nails, and red candles and you’re all set. Drip some melted wax from the red candle onto the white ones then stick some nails around the front of the candles. Not only is this practical, but also spooky!


Spooky Sanitizer

Safety is key this Halloween, so why not spice it up! Just get some plastic spiders, eyeballs, or skeletons and a big bottle of hand sanitizer. Take as many little decorations as you want and put them in the bottle. Give it a good shake and boom- spooky sanitizer! Now the only thing you have to be scared of is running out of candy!


All-Seeing Wreath

Want to keep an eye, or 20, on your door? Check out this easy-to-make wreath! Grab some ping pong balls, googly eyes, and a foam wreath from the dollar store. Next, attach the eyes to the ping pong balls and glue them onto the wreath. Hang it around your home, or even the office! Talk about an eye-mazing idea!


Witch Pumpkins

Don’t feel like going through the trouble of carving a pumpkin this year? No problem! Get any size pumpkin and start by painting it green. Then, take a marker or paint and give her some eyes and a mouth. No need to make a nose because the stem will take care of it for you! Add some finishing touches by adding a hat and some yarn or string for hair. Enjoy your welcoming witch pumpkin!


Now that your home is all spooked out, let the festivities begin! These easy and cheap DIY decorations will save you time AND money this Halloween season. Now,  you have plenty of time to binge any scary movie you want! We wish you a safe and spooky Halloween!

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