Healthy Habits to Have at Home

Being at home for so long can be difficult, but don’t worry, there’s hope! Since it’s important to stay home during this hard time, why not stay productive, too? Physical and mental health are both essential right now, but we get that both can be hard to maintain. We present to you some easy ways to stay healthy, happy, and entertained! 

1. Yoga

The perfect balance between physical and mental serenity! Not only are you building strength and flexibility, studies also show that routine practice raises serotonin levels! Yoga is the perfect time to focus on you. Find the perfect poses and routines anywhere from Youtube to apps on your phone, most are even free. Any time is yoga time!


2. Reading Books

Now is the perfect time to read that book you’ve been itching to finish! With Amazon, bookstores, and other online resources available for delivery, why not take advantage? Perplexing mysteries, interesting history, and exciting comics are at the touch of a finger! A series is a great investment during this time, as well. Books will not only help take your mind off the crazy world, but also sharpen your wit. Take your favorite book and enjoy some tea while soaking up the sun! 

3. Meditation

The sound of waves and the feeling of relaxation is unbeatable. Meditation promotes mindfulness and peace in such a short time! Have a free 20 minutes? Lay down and free your mind. There’s plenty of free apps, such as Simple Habit or Calm, to help you stay on track during your meditation. Nothing is better than starting your day with a peaceful mind and plenty of motivation to keep you going!

4. Going Outdoors

Whether it’s for a run or even a stroll, getting some rays and exercise only brings positivity to your day! Since most gyms are still closed, it’s important to maintain your physical health in other ways. At home cardio can be challenging, but a beautiful jog at Presque Isle makes it so much easier to get your heart pumping! Erie Bluffs State Park and Headwaters Park are great local options to enjoy exercise and nature. Not to mention, fresh air is a must after being cooped up all week!

5. Cleaning

A messy desk or room can affect your mood. It’s important to focus on your environment and use your time to be productive? Have you been putting off folding your laundry? Now is the perfect time to catch up on housework you’ve been procrastinating. Think about how refreshing a clean home will be in a time like this! Don’t forget to throw a few windows open to get some air flowing, too!

6. Personal Care

It’s hard to find reasons to keep up with yourself since no one sees you much, but it’s still beneficial! Want to try a new eyebrow shape? You have time to grow them out without worry! Always wanted to try a new hairstyle? Comb or cut it however you want! Thinking of whitening your teeth? Pick up some whitening strips from your local drug store! Dying to test out a new makeup trend? Get your glam on! No pressure or boundaries are holding you back now so let your creative side run wild. Use this time to embrace your true self, and feel darn good doing it. Talk about a Quarantine Glow-Up!

7. Write A Journal

A great way to track your thoughts is by starting a journal. It can help you to recognize your own feelings, along with having memories of such rare circumstances in the world. Think of writing what you need to do today, how you feel, or even opinions on the world and how they are handling the pandemic. Venting even to a journal can help ridding your mind of worry and anger. Who knows, maybe it’ll be featured in a history book one day!

8. Eating Habits

Ever wanted to go vegetarian or learn to cook? There’s never been a better time! At times it may feel like this will last forever, but there’s endless opportunities for change right in front of you! From recipe apps to websites full of great dietary suggestions, there’s a great new lifestyle for everyone! Who knows, maybe you’ll find a new go-to snack recipe during this quarantine!

9. Learn a Language 

Studying can be used to fill open time in your day, so why not pick up a new language? Not only do you get quick results, both you’re also continuing to stimulate and challenge your brain! Duolingo is a great easy and free option where you can learn anywhere your phone is. For students, it’s a great way to stay in study mode! For anyone else, what a great way to fill in extra time if you’re not working. Think about how your coworkers will react if you come back speaking Russian!

10. Painting

Coming from someone with no drawing skills, painting sounds intimidating! But, who cares if it looks good as long as you’re having fun. Buy some paint and canvases from a local store or even online, and get to it! There’s plenty of Bob Ross videos to go around. Scenery, self portraits, or even pets are great starting ideas! The depth required to paint is something we all have, you just have to find it. Good luck future Picassos!


With so many options and the time to finally do them, don’t let yourself fall victim to laziness! Feel free to embrace new things and creativity during this time, without risking yourself. The most important thing to remember is to be mindful of your health and protecting those around you. Have a positive mindset and keep yourself busy with these amazing ideas. Keep the bright future in mind and stay safe, we’re in this together!

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