Hop into Spring with These Garden Essentials

With Spring approaching fast, the snow will soon be gone. That means gardening time, baby! Not sure what to do with your lawn? We got it covered. We’ve compiled some of the best ideas for your future flourishing garden!

1. Edible Gardens

Growing your own vegetables can be more than delicious! Save the trip to the grocery store and just take a quick walk to your garden. Country Living recommends incorporating an assortment of greens, herbs, and berries to spice up your yard. One of the easiest plants to grow are tomatoes, and who doesn’t use them! Herbs like rosemary and mint are also great for seasoning many future meals, like chicken or soup. An apple tree is always a great touch, too! Our local Gerlach’s is a great place to buy seeds or even ask more specific questions about your new garden. 

2. Wildlife Gardens

Love your local wildlife? This garden setup is sure to attract some new friends. A pond is always a beautiful sight, but it can also provide a great home for frogs, birds, and even fish! Who knew making your own ecosystem was this easy? Don’t forget to plant some long grass or even water lilies! Thorny shrubs are another great choice because of the protection they provide for various species. These bushes are also a good idea if you don’t want any uninvited guests! Besides shrubs, a bird feeder is a great way to attract some feathery friends. Woodpeckers, hummingbirds, and blue jays all love to visit suet feeders! This type of garden is more than just pretty flowers. Who knows what other critters will visit you!

3. Perfume Gardens

A personal favorite, perfume gardens are a must! Not only are they beautiful, but also give your home a great aroma. Crack open a window in summer and let those refreshing scents in! Lavender is the most popular plant for these types of garden, giving off a mild but natural scent. Other suggestions include roses, hyacinths, and gardenias. Some plants like lilies of the valley smell great but are poisonous, so keep in mind any pets, children, or neighbors that may be put at risk! Organize the flowers by color, similar scent, or mix them all up! This is also the perfect addition to your home if you love to entertain guests. Who can beat lunch and the sweet smell of fresh flowers?

4. Container Gardens

Limited space? No problem! Not only are these gardens aesthetic, they’re convenient, too! This can be a one-season project, or long-term, which gives you many options for what type of plants you want to grow. No yard? A balcony or ledge works perfectly! Take apartment living to a whole new level. Many edible plants are easy to manage, especially when in a pot. Peppers, radishes, and spinach are just a few examples. Many types of ferns and ivy are perfect for hanging pots. The great thing about these gardens is they can be indoors, too! Dedicate a corner or a full room to your plant friends. Whether the pots are classic clay, squared stone, or even hand painted, they’ll add charisma and character to any garden.

5. Rock Gardens

Want the beautiful look of landscaping, but don’t have time to maintain it? You won’t have to worry about this garden dying on you! Rock gardens have been trending along with the more modern and industrial styles of homes. Incorporate a small fountain or sand to add character to any rock garden. You have lots of freedom with this one! Build formations, make a pattern, or even create abstract art, the possibilities are endless! According to HGTV, a zen garden is great for relaxation and meditation. Just add a bed of sand and some pebbles and you’re set! 

Gardening can be relaxing or a pain, but there’s something for everyone. Always keep in mind what the best plants and accessories for your garden are based on the weather. Take advantage of the warm weather while it lasts and finally make your dream yard complete. Whether or not you’re one with nature or afraid of bugs, don’t be scared to freshen up your life with a new garden!

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