Back to School: Setting Goals for the Year (Plus a List of School in Your Area!)

It’s every parent’s favorite time of year: back to school season! It is the perfect time for kids to set new goals for the upcoming year. Setting goals is an important lifelong skill to teach your children and can also allow you to be more involved in your child’s education. It’s also important to acknowledge the goals kid’s have for themselves. They have expectations from their teachers, parents, coaches, etc, but adults should be asking what they want to learn as well. Use these tips to help your children reach their goals by the last day of school!

Brainstorm-Start by asking your child open ended questions and base the goals around their answers. Ask them to finish sentences like “when I grow up I want to be…” or “I want to learn to….” They will likely be more motivated to put in work for goals that interest them rather than things they think they “have” to do. 

Write it out-Writing goals out on paper not only helps with organizing the steps to take to achieve the goals, but also serves as a reminder of what needs to be done on a daily basis to reach them. Have your kids check goals off as they complete them and the sense of accomplishment will push them to keep going.

Start small- Start by setting smaller, short term goals that will help achieve the larger overall goal. Kids won’t be as intimidated by more attainable goals and will be more apt to complete them. 

Make a schedule- Set aside a designated time nightly or a few times a week to work on goals. For 15 minutes before dinner work on multiplication problems. Or read for 20 minutes before bed. Life can get busy and it’s easy for goals to fall by the wayside so be proactive and plan ahead. 

Be specific and realistic- Goals can sometimes be broad and vague. Instead of having a goal to “be a better reader” set a goal to “read 10 books by the last day of school”. You want to encourage your children to have big dreams and ambitions, but try to set goals that are attainable and appropriate for their age group. 

Are you new to the area and looking to enroll your children into school? Here’s a list of public schools near you to check out!

Erie School District

Elementary Schools-

Diehl Elementary: (814) 874-6585

Edison Elementary School: (814) 874-6470

Grover Cleveland Elementary School: (814) 874-6670

Harding Elementary School: (814) 874-6550

Jefferson Elementary School: (814) 874-6650

Joanna Connell Elementary School: (814) 874-6785

Lincoln Elementary School: (814) 874-6685

McKinley Elementary School: (814) 874-6870

Perry Elementary School: (814) 874-6485

Pfeiffer-Burleigh Elementary School: 814) 874-6750

Middle Schools-

East Middle School: (814) 874-6400

Strong Vincent Middle School: (814) 874-6500

Woodrow Wilson Middle School: (814) 874-6600

High Schools-

Erie High School: (814) 874-6200

Northwest Pennsylvania Collegiate Academy: (814) 874-6300

Millcreek School District

Elementary Schools-

Asbury Elementary School: (814) 836-6100

Belle Valley Elementary School: (814) 835-5600

Chestnut Hill Elementary School: (814) 835-5550

Grandview Elementary School: ​(814) 836-6300

Tracy Elementary School:​ (814) 835-5800

Middle Schools-

James S. Wilson Middle School: (814) 835-5500

Walnut Creek Middle School: (814) 835-5700

Westlake Middle School: ​(814) 835-5750

High Schools-

McDowell Intermediate: (814) 835-5487

McDowell High School: (814) 835-5403

Fairview School District

Elementary School-

Fairview Elementary School: (814)  474-3123

Middle School-

Fairview Middle School: (814) 474-2600

High School-

Fairview High School: (814) 474-2600

Harborcreek School District

Elementary Schools-

Rolling Ridge Elementary School:(814) 897-2100

Klein Elementary School:(814) 897-2100

Clark Elementary: (814) 897-2100

High Schools-

Harborcreek Junior High School: (814) 897-2100

Harborcreek Senior High School: (814) 897-2100

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