Airbnbs that Will Change Your Life

Being stuck at home can drive you crazy! Sometimes you need to take a mini vacation for yourself and see what you’ve been missing for the past months. This month, we have compiled the most unique places to rent!  


1. Glamping at Airydale, PA

Nothing is more peaceful than camping, but this AirBnB takes it to a whole new level! The tent can be rented out for up to 5 guests, and has all the amenities you need. From an actual bed to a propane stove, you can have time to relax comfortably while camping. The cost per night averages around only $91, too! This is a perfect option for people looking to get away from their busy lives and connect with nature, without having to struggle for survival! Cross Glamping off your bucket list!


2. Magical Barn in Amherst, Ohio

This barn speaks for itself! You and up to 3 friends can be transported to a whole different world with this Ohio AirBnB. A piano, grill, barn stage, AND shuffle board will keep you busy for days. This unique place usually averages around $200 a night, and offers 2 beds in the loft area. This is a great option for anyone looking to experience something new and magical. Over 200 reviews agree that this rental is a must-see! 



3. Tiny House in Pittsburgh, PA

If you haven’t heard of tiny houses, are you even living? This home is not only close to downtown Pittsburgh, but also the Casino and Heinz Field. Despite the size, it’s surprisingly spacious inside, with 11 foot ceilings, a full size bathroom, and 3 beds. On top of the minimalistic style, the design is very chic! If you’re planning to enjoy city life, keep this little gem in mind!



4. Lville Oasis in Pittsburgh, PA

Where do I begin? From the modern style, the plants, and even the exterior architecture, it’s love at first sight. Some features of this home include a sauna, gym, office space, and 5 outdoor spaces. Need a zen boost right now? The design of this home will surely bring a refreshing touch to your life. If you’ve never stayed in a modern style home, now is the time!



5. The Box

A shipping container in the woods never looked so good! Not only do you get the peaceful setting of the Ohio woods, but also the luxury of a modern-esque home! Enjoy a patio overlooking the trees, a fireplace, and a charcoal grill, perfect for anyone. Up to 4 guests can experience this once-in-a-lifetime AirBnB for as little as $145 a night!



6. Pool Heaven


Just look at this house, do I even need to explain? One heated indoor pool, a hot tub, an outdoor heated pool, a game room, and over 8,000 square feet inside the house! The unique style of this property submerges you into an old Hollywood movie. Don’t forget that the home is close to several waterparks, malls, and casinos. Up to 14 guests can live lavishly for the night! 



7. Woodcliff Cottage

Sunsets, beach, renovations, and a campfire, what more could you need? This cottage has it all! Enjoy a beautiful sunrise and coffee from the large sunroom overlooking Lake Ontario, or grill up some burgers on the patio. This is the perfect getaway for anyone!



8. Three Story Warehouse

Ever wanted to see what it was like to live the city life? Here’s your chance! This industrial style warehouse turned loft gives you the whole experience. Not only are there two courtyards to catch some fresh air in, but also a third story balcony. See Pittsburgh at its finest!



9. Downtown Columbus Penthouse

BRB, going to Columbus! This penthouse has everything you can imagine! Forget going out, just enjoy a game of pool, pinball machine, some drinks from the bar, and bar swings! Deciding to go explore the city? The location is close to several bars and restaurants, too. Book it now!



10. The Beautiful Garden Villa

This villa is perfect for anyone who appreciates nature! The modern and simple interior allows you to focus on the gorgeous European garden. An outdoor dining room and kitchen lets you enjoy ¾ acres of private garden! Treat yourself to this must-see AirBnB! 



Now that you have so many close and great options, plan that road trip! Whether it’s just you or even a group of your good friends, there’s something on this list for everyone to love. Get your bags packed and your stays booked!